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Used/Refurbished IBM Leasing & Rentals | Credit Application

NowComp provides incredible flexibility with our leasing and rental of equipment, software and services. Whether you need to lease or rent an RS6000 or pSeries System, Peripheral, or Feature for 1 day or 5 years, we can provide your solution. Following is a short description of our financial services. Please contact your sales representative for more details or contact our sales department.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

This Purchase Option provides the lowest monthly payment. At the end of the lease term you may purchase the equipment for the current fair market value, continue to lease the equipment on a month to month basis, or return the equipment. This option may allow you to write off the entire payment as part of your operating budget. Avoid keeping unused assets due to lack of full depreciation.

$1.00 Purchase Option

This purchase option is Similar to a bank loan in many respects. Equipment ownership is automatic at the end of term.

Deferred Payments and Variable Payments

These options allow you to conserve capital when you need to the most. Contact your sales representative to discuss your unique needs.

Consolidations and Trade-Ins

Allow NowComp Financial Services to greatly simplify your leases and rentals by consolidating all of your schedules onto one schedule. We also allow trade-ins on existing leases to minimize equipment obsolescence.

Sale-Lease Back

This option provides additional capital and operating budget treatment of your assets.

Fixed Purchase Option

Our unique NowComp Fixed Purchase Option Lease provides you with an FMV type lease, yet provides predetermined early buyout options. This type of lease is ideal when low monthly payments, fixed purchase options, early buyout options, equipment returns, and month to month continuations are a must.

Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals from 1 day to 12 months are the best solution for your short term needs. This operating type lease can incorporate the FMV or Fixed Purchase Option terms to maximize your options.

To get started please submit your credit application and request a quote from your sales representative.