Refurbished IBM Support Services

NowComp offers an array of services that help small, medium, and large businesses reduce costs associated with their IBM RS6000 or pSeries infrastructure and support personel. Most of the services we provide are only available in the US. Please call or email us about service options outside the US. We do ship equipment worldwide in compliance with international trade regulations.

Included in any purchase of a refurbished system from NowComp is assistance in working with IBM to ensure smooth serial number ownership transfers and assistance in placing your refurbished system under any of your existing hardware maintenance agreements (in the US). In addition, we offer the following fee based services:

RS6000 Hardware Installation

IBM RS6000 Hardware Installation is for hardware installation only. NowComp can contract directly with your IBM certified engineer to install your system, or we can provide installation via our nationwide network of certified engineers. (Most NEW IBM RS6000 and pSeries systems include IBM installation unless the system is a customer setup machine.)

RS6000 AIX Installation

IBM RS6000 AIX Installation is for AIX installation only. NowComp can contract directly with IBM to provide installation, or we can provide installation via our nationwide network of certified engineers. With this service, a certified AIX Specialist will coordinate the planning, configuration and installation of the current level of the AIX operating system on an RS6000 or pSeries Workstation/Server or Enterprise Server.

RS6000 Hardware Maintenance Agreement (HMA)

IBM RS6000 Hardware Maintenance is for hardware only related problems. The IBM RS6000 or pSeries hardware may consist of a CPU, disk drives, memory, tape drives, disk arrays, etc. If a failure (or problem) occurs on the machine, an IBM service technician will determine what course of action is necessary to correct the situation. The HMA does not cover any software related problems. NowComp provides both IBM and Third Party 24/7 and 9/5 solutions. Ask about our prepaid discounts!

AIX Software Maintenance Agreement (AIX SMA)

AIX is IBM’s version of the UNIX operating systems that controls your system. AIX also has FILE SYSTEMS that contain important data such as error logs and reports, which must be managed. AIX SMA covers AIX configuration, problem determination, upgrades, patches, and questions & answers. It does not include training, hardware, database or application software support.

Database Software Maintenance Agreement (DB SMA)

Database software is used to manage data such as customer records, inventory, invoices, etc. The Database software may also control some of the hardware and may use AIX for UNIX functions. The DB SMA covers upgrades, patches, and questions & answers related to this database software. It does not include things such as hardware, cabling, networks, Windows support, etc.

Smart Suite Services (SSS)

If you do not want to worry about which part of your system is having problems, we offer the SSS plan. A customer may call for any computer related problem. Our technician will determine the basis of the problem: Hardware, Operating System (AIX), Database, or Application Software.

If the problem is determined to be the hardware, our technicians can place the call to IBM service and request the on-site service call. Once on-site, we can continue working with the IBM technician until the problem is solved.

If AIX is the problem, our AIX certified engineers will diagnose and recommend a remedy – usually on the first call. Our response time is currently averaging 12 minutes.

Depending on the nature of the database or software problem we will either attempt to solve the problem or recommend that you contact your application software vendor for further assistance.

In addition to 40 hours of technical phone support, we include at no extra charge a “monthly health check” of your IBM RS6000 or pSeries Server. This service is a preventative measure to find problems before they cause a crisis. We check all error logs and file systems and report to you the results of the analysis. This service has prevented many customers from experiencing unexpected downtime.

Specialized Services

NowComp’s team of RS6000 hardware, AIX and software specialists can assist in most of your IT services projects:

  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Center Relocation Services / Disaster Recovery
  • LAN/WAN Integration Services
  • HACMP implementation Services
  • SAN/NAS Implementation Services
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation Services
  • Cluster 1600 (SP & SP/2) Installation Services